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Our Start:

Florence Flowers and Gifts Shop was formed in late September 2007, on the goal of the owner to help her aunt who had lost her job after working in the flower shop business for more than 20 years. The owner, being a flower lover herself, encashed her dollar savings from her salary to open a flowers and gifts shop along Araneta Avenue, Barangay Dona Imelda, Quezon City. What was on her mind was to change the store ambiance of the flower shops along that flower-business-busy street. She wanted to put more class to the shop, and to the flower arrangement itself yet at a very reasonable budget. She wanted to attract more customers because in doing so, she would employ more people for her business. More employees mean lesser people starving, and lesser people doing crimes just to eat. She wanted to help people without them losing their self-esteem (as they would probably feel when asking for monetarial help, or when caught doing crimes) and that is by giving them jobs. However, business is not as good as she expected. All her savings were lost funding the daily flower display, and paying the business space rent, electricity, water, transportation, food, and her 5 people-staff salary. She had no other option but to stop renting the business space in March 2008. However, that time,www.florenceblooms.com  was already conceptualized, and was already fully paid.

For two years, since 2008, Florence Flowers stopped her operation due to financial issues. During those years, the owner did not anymore think of operating the flower shop due to monetarial lost she had with the shop. Sometime in late  2009, Otis Elevator, and Management called the owner to deliver sympathy flowers. Being unemployed and thus, have no source of funds for the arrangement, the owner was at first hesitant to accept the order. But, luckily, Otis paid in cash prior to delivery. That order was the first, and few companies called for another deliveries, and so, in January 2010, the owner pawned all her remaining jewelries. With the money generated, she registered the business with Quezon City Business Licensing Office, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and opened a corporate bank account. Hence, in January 2010, FLORENCE went back to business, as a legal, and fully registered online flowers, and gifts store.

In May 2010, FLORENCE went  INTERNATIONAL  by its affiliation with more than 100 flower shops, and florists around the world.

But, FLORENCE did not stop there. She continues to improve her line of business. In 2011, she started accepting Office Plants Supply, and Maintenance service. Christmas Hampers or Baskets was also included in her product line. In the following year, 2012, she included in her service, the Singing Telegram through the owner’s cousin who is a professional band string player, and singer.

By 2016 Florence Flowers became a member of FTD Florist in Illinois, USA. She also partnered with other flowers shops around the world so she can deliver flowers, and gifts the same day when possible.

This 2019, Florence Flowers started giving part of her earnings to UNICEF on a monthly basis, and is now sending 5 Filipino kids to school.

Florence Flowers wants to grow big so she can hire more people to work for her-  the disabled, the out of school youths, the elders, the students, the ex-convicts who want to change for the better, and those who want to learn the trade, and be a Florence Flowers and Gifts Shop owner (yes, franchise for free) in their respective areas later.

FLORENCE still plans to bloom like flowers, and to grow like flower plants do, to serve more customers, and to help more people have jobs.

FLORENCE FLOWERS Line of Business are as follows:
1.) Bouquet arrangement, and delivery
2.) Special Events Flower Arrangements: Birthdays, New Born Baby, Debut, Wedding, Parties, and Corporate Events
3.) Office Plants Supply, and Maintenance.
4.) Singing Telegram or Harana
5.) Sympathy Flower Arrangement, and Delivery
6.) Flowers, and Gifts Supply and Delivery worldwide.
7.) Hamper, or Christmas Basket Supply, and Delivery nationwide.
8.) Wholesale cut flowers sale

List of Our Regular Customers:
1.) Mesco, Inc.
2.) STI Investment
3.) Western Union
4.) Concepcion Otis Philippines, Inc.
5.) Avida Land
6.) International Flavors, and Fragrances, Inc.
7.) Reyes Cabrera Rojas and Associates Law Firm
8.) Golden Wines

Florence Flowers and Gifts Shop objective is to satisfy our customers in terms of service, flowers’ and gifts’ design, & concept before we think of ourselves. We even add flowers if flower design-arrangement is not good in the owner’s taste at no additional cost. We, at Florence, want to give you the best we could offer for your assigned budget. Hence, you will find Florence to be the lowest priced flowers in the web.

We guarantee that our flowers are fresh from the farm and are not recycled flowers from our display or from the funeral parlors as what other flower shops do. We only do flower arrangements upon your order.

Releasing the Artist In You:
Because our goal is to give job, should you have your own flower, or gift design that you want Florence Flowers to include in this website you can send it to us in .jpeg format, and you will get a royalty of 5% per every order (tax free) after verification on originality. We trust you that it would be your own concept, and not copied from the net. Please send your designs to alm@florenceblooms.com

Terms, and Conditions:
1.) Ordering Policy:
Once you placed an order, it is understood that you have read, and understood our Terms, and Conditions here, and had agreed to them.

2.) Substitution Policy
Substitution of flowers or vases may occasionally be needed because of reasons of availability, and timely delivery. Substitution will always be of the same if not higher value than what you see in our website. No additional cost will be asked from you should this happen.

3.) Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel your order anytime. We will refund your payment if you cancel within 6 hours from your payment time. However, we cannot refund payment of those who made their cancellation after the 6-hour allowed time, this is so because, we have already prepared for your order by this time.

But for advance orders, who paid days before the delivery date, we can refund your payment less the service charge, if you pay via Paypal or Western Union or similar agency, if you cancel 6 hrs before the delivery date.
Absolutely, no refund will be given to those who cancel order after the 6-hour allowed time.

4.) Valentine Order Policy:
For Regular Items posted in our “Flower Page”, 2 dozen roses will be delivered as 1 dozen roses due to high prices of flowers during Valentine Season (February 8 to 14). This is to maintain our flower prices.

However, for our Valentine offers, it will be delivered as is, no reduction on number of roses.

5.) Delivery Policy:
Our bouquet delivery charges are free for Metro Manila (Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, and Manila) except Bicutan, Sucat, Alabang, Paranaque, Taguig, Pateros, San Joaquin & Napindan Pasig and its adjacent barangays, Muntinlupa, Rizal Makati, Las Pinas, North Kaloocan, Marikina, Malabon, and Valenzuela. Delivery charge for these areas depends on the distance from our shop.

To keep with our promise of the lowest priced-flowers, & gifts in the web, please give us 2 days lead-time for our deliveries outside Metro Manila or when the travel time by land to the delivery site is 3 hrs or more. This is for us to consolidate deliveries to save on transportation cost. However, for Metro Manila, San Pedro to Calamba Laguna, some areas of Cavite , Bulacan, and Rizal Province , we can deliver your orders in 24 hours from the time your payment was confirmed provided that the weather condition provides delivery on time.

6.) Missed Delivery Policy:
In the event that we missed the delivery due to floods, typhoon, earthquake, and fire in either party , Florence Flowers, and Gifts Shop will deliver your order/s on the next possible day.

Also, unsuccesful deliveries due to difficulty finding the recipient due to wrong address, or wrong phone number, or uncooperative recipient in locating her/him (e.g. does not pick-up her/his phone, or did not go out to get the item in 30minutes after our arrival) is considered delivered and thus non-refundable. In the later case, however, we have the option to just leave the item at her/his front door or gate. For all missed delivered items, the buyer may pick it up from us within 2 days from the date of the missed delivery. After 2 days, we have the right to discard the item.

7.) Rejected Delivery:
All deliveries rejected by the recipient for whatever reason are considered delivered and non-refundable. The buyer may then pick-up the items from our shop at his convinient day and time within 2 days from the date of the delivery. After 2 days, we have the right to discard the item.

8.) Refund Policy:
Florence Flowers, and Gifts Shop can refund your payment provided that 1.) the item/s was/were not delivered, 2.) we missed the delivery, and it was not caused by reasons stated in Item 6 above. 3.) the customer canceled the order within the allowed time stated in Item 3 above (6 hours), and we confirmed receiving the cancellation request.



We are the only flower shop in the internet who discloses the true identity of the owner. We do this so you will have peace of mind trusting us your payment.

Angelita Leuterio Morelos, ChE, the owner, is a 50 year old Filipina single mom of 2 kids, honed by an exclusive school for girls run by Roman Catholic nuns – St. Mary’s College, Quezon City until 1985. She finished Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila in 1990. She is a registered, or licensed chemical engineer of the Professional Regulatory Commission of the Philippines. She is a DENR-EMB, and LLDA accredited Pollution Control Officer, and a DOH-registered Radiation Safety Officer. She also topped the BOSH Exams for Safety Practitioners under our Labor Department . She is a licensed chemical engineer by profession, and an environmental engineer, and safety engineer by occupation, and a florist by benediction.

When she was forced to resign as Senior Environmental Engineer, and Pollution Control Officer by her semiconductor employer ( in Electronics Ave. FTI Complex, Taguig City ) of 10 yrs. in 2005 due to her defiance to follow an order against honesty (bribing LLDA), she sued the firm for “Illegal Dismissal”, and went into freelance consultancy works for Environment Health, and Safety (EHS) related projects. She was one of the consultants for Kamanava, and Manggahan Flood Control Projects, for Amkor Technology Phils., and for various ECC projects. Thanks to Woodfields Consultants, and World Safety Organization (Phils.) for those prominent assignments.

Although, she has been into a man’s job as they say, she never stopped her love for arts, and flowers. And this love for arts and flowers, and the intention of helping people have jobs triggered her desire to build this flowers and gifts shop business.

This flower shop business is her second business. The first one was Universal Plastics Asia-Philippines – an American corporation’s Philippine branch, established in 2006, and formed with her former manager, and with an American firm as co-owner, and business financer.

With these information, you can be sure that she will take care of her name, and her shop.

Should you want to know more about the owner, please feel free to write her.  You may also browse her facebook, it is under her name.




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